New Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick – Review – Perfect For Pale Skin

BB Foundation new pic 2

In terms of foundation, Bobbi Brown was always my go to for a long lasting, natural base. My colour (Alabaster), was the perfect shade of pale, and there was a vast amount of different types so you would always find the perfect one to suit your skin. Yes, Bobbi Brown is a high-end brand, so you will be paying more for your foundation (around €38), but I don’t mind dishing this out if I’m truly happy with my foundation. Then of course came the dark day (literally), when they decided to discontinue the Alabaster shade across the bulk of the foundations, so I had to temporarily confine Bobbi Brown to the back of my  beauty box, because the next shade up (Porcelain) was just too yellow.

However, they did leave the Alabaster shade in one foundation, and that was the old Foundation Stick, as it was originally called (before the product re-vamp). I wasn’t actually a fan of this when it first came out; the shade was too yellow, despite being the palest in the range, and it was just too heavy and greasy on my combination skin. It reminded me of those scary foundation sticks years ago, that you just wouldn’t touch!

BB5 no 2

But then, hurrah! I get the news that they decide to re-formulate it, and late last month Bobbi  Brown released the stick that’s now available; the new Skin Foundation Stick. That’s what I’ve been trying for the past week, and I’m thrilled to report that this one is miles better, and is, as of now, my new HD foundation. The Alabaster shade is luminously while; perfect for the palest of skin tones (with not a trace of yellow in sight), it is lightweight, non-greasy and seamlessly covers  any spot or imperfection without looking heavy. As a plus, it’s also full of all sorts of good stuff for the skin – like olive extracts and shea butter – and these help to moisturise skin, but it doesn’t over do it. I think this one is perfect for those who want a barely made up look, and even then you can add as much or little as you want after, so it suits all coverage and all skin types, as it ‘adapts’ to your skin.

Okay, so what’s so good about it? Well, the stick has been updated with:

  • A unique transparent base plus skin tone correct pigments for an incredibly natural look – true! When I wanted heavier coverage it still looked really natural like my own skin, as opposed to a foundation.
  • Its creamy yet weightless texture blends seamlessly so it perfectly mimics the look of healthy skin – it is definitely lighter this time around, and you can blend as much or as little as you want without getting that dreaded ‘caked look.’
  • You can apply this  all over or just where you need it (it’s also great as a concealer), and it will stay put. Though bare in mind that I have an extra-oily tee zone, so even I need to add some powder here.
  • It comes in 24 ‘skin tone’  shades so you’re bound to find one that matches you.
  •  It also contains light diffusing powders and oil-controlling minerals help perfect the appearance of skin while reducing shine (even in sweat, water and humidity), and it definitely does this to a point – it’s nowhere near as oily as it was before – but if you have extra oily skin, I’d add a spot of powder.
  • It’s also a perfect size (see below picture) for your tiny handbag and the stick makes it ideal for touch-ups throughout the day.
  • It takes literally minutes to apply – perfect for those early morning starts!

BB6 no 1

In short: I L-O-V-E this foundation, it does everything it should (is a perfect pale shade, covers blemishes, and can give me a heavier coverage, yet still looks so natural) so I’ll be sticking with this one. It’s €38, which is pricy (but the tube should last months) so if you’re not sure of colour or how it will sit on your skin, go in and get matched before you buy. In terms of application, I tend to swipe the stick over my forehead, chin and cheeks and buff/blend it in using  a stipple brush – this ensures a non-streaky finish – and then I add more to certain areas if and when I need.

Would you try this? Or if you have already, what did you think? Tell all in the comments section!


  1. I really wanna try this! I’m always worried how it would work for dry skin, what type of skin do you have?

    • Jennifer says:

      I have combination skin, so it’s both dry and oily – it can be a nightmare! However, this foundation actually contains ingredients to make it more moisturising – so as long as you apply your face cream before you use the foundation, you should be absolutely fine, it shouldn’t cling to any dry patches as long as you prep your skin in advance. If anything, I found it a tad oily for certain parts of my face (my tee zone for example), so I actually had to use a little power. I’d go in and get them to put some on you before you buy it though, just so you’re happy with it yourself – it’s a pricey error to make!

      • yeah that’s what I’m always worried about. In saying that I’ve used BB foundations in the past and found them good on my dry skin! I’ll have to test it out now! x

  2. This sounds really good and love that it’s good for pale skin!

    • Jennifer says:

      I love it I have to say. For once it’s pale, and a decent foundation, which can be tough to find!

  3. Great review. Foundations sticks make me break out in a cold sweat – Max Factor pan sticks spring to mind! Tempted by this though, love Bobbi Brown makeup

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks a million Donna! I know what you mean, I remember those Max Factor pan sticks (I think they are still around?), they’d put you off forever! But the Bobbi Brown is a foundation (and a great one at that), packaged in a pan stick. I’d say you’d love it, get them to test it on you before you buy if you’re not 100 per cent 🙂

  4. Cassie says:

    if you have oily skin do NOT buy this. its quite weightless and a little goes along way,medium coverage.The bobbi brown make up artist assured me its good for oily skin and minimizing pores.. not at all. Not worth the money if you have oily skin. I put mac studio fix pressed powder & mac prep & prime translucent powder over the top & my skin still looks shiny after an hour after applying.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh no, I’m so sorry that it didn’t sit well on your skin Cassie 🙁 The ‘oily’ finish that the last foundation stick had seemed to disappear on me this time around, but then I have combination skin (which gets dry very easily), so it obviously sits better on skin that’s a bit drier.

      Thanks for letting me (and the readers), know though – it looks like those with oily skin should be wary before purchasing this one! Ask for a sample or for it to be tested on you first, as it’s an expensive foundation mistake to make.

  5. Melissa says:

    I,too, have very fair pale skin. Thanks for your review, I will definitely give it a try!