Revlon Colourburst Chubby Sticks Are The Business

New Revlon

I love a good chubby stick. I’ve talked about a few different variations before from Clinique and Revlon, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. What’s not to love? They are handy, come in a variety of shades, last longer than a lipstick and you don’t have to put a pencil sharpener anywhere near them. They are cute little twistable tubes of lippy goodness. In terms of chubbys, I think Revlon have always been ahead of the pack, so when I heard they were releasing two new variations into the mix in the form of Colourburst Matte and Lacquer Balms, I nabbed one from each range straight away to try them out.

  • First I tried the Matte Balm (they come in 10 shades) in Elusive – a gorgeous pink colour (pictured above). I’m always weary of mattes because the such is the formula of a matte (they staying power is much longer), they tend to cling to any dry patches on the lips, which isn’t exactly a good look. These come enriched with a triple Butter Complex of Shea, Coconut and Mango, meant to butter and nourish the lips, and though it felt lovely when applied, it did unfortunately cling to a few dry patches here and there. Once I exfoliated my lips however, I was very happy to wear it and the colour stays put for hours, though you’ll need to top it up once or twice throughout the day. So I was quite happy with this, but if your lips are overly dry, it might be best to steer clear of the matte shades in the range.
  • Next up, came the Lacquer Balms (also available in 10 shades),  and for this one I chose shade Vivacious (also pictured above). This one is an extremely bright, deep pinky red – there’s nothing subtle about this one! If you’re as pale skinned as I am, this will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, but in a very good way. These are High Shine Lacquer sticks, and are enriched with the same formula as the mattes so that they glide on and nourish the lips. This on has a satin, glossy like finish and I loved how  shiny it looked when applied. This one stayed put for around five hours before I needed a top up, and out of the two, the Lacquer Balm was my favourite as it didn’t cling to, or dry out my lips one bit.

I was impressed with both though, and will happily be purchasing more colourful shades (both matte and lacquer), when I get a chance. Both are available now at around €11.99 each.

Are you a fan of Revlon’s latest offering? Do you endlessly covet chubby sticks as I do? Tell all in the comments below!


  1. I love these too, fab colours!