New Music: Paloma Faith – Can’t Rely On You

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The quirky, stylish and supremely talented British singer, Paloma Faith has always been one of my favourite artists on the music scene (check out my post on her amazing style here). She hit the big time in the UK with her Brit Award nominated 2012 album Fall to Grace (which featured the gems Picking up the Pieces and 30 Minute Love Affair), and now she’s back, ready to release her third album A Perfect Contradiction on March 10th – yay! Prior to the album’s release next month, she has released a new track (and incredible accompanying music video) called Can’t Rely on You, serving as the record’s lead single.  Produced by man-of-the-moment, Pharrell Williams, the catchy, soulful, 70’s sounding tune is her best work yet.

The groovy track is filled with odes to those timeless soul classics, but still manages to sound fresh and current. Top that with Faith’s unique soul-shouting vocals and that irresistible beat behind them, and you’ve got a winning track. Faith (who has just been reportedly signed to Epic Records in the states), is sure to make a big mark on US soil (and indeed, everywhere else) with this one. Despite her success over in the UK, I’ve always felt she was, and still is very under-rated, and she really shouldn’t be, given how enormously talented she is. When you’ve listened to the track, the next thing to talk about is the stunning visual music video that goes along with it.

Faith's artwork for her new album, out in March

The clip (which you can see below), is directed by Paul Gore – known for his work with John Legend, Amy Winehouse, and Snow Patrol – and it’s a visual feast for the eyes. It all starts with evocative Italian monologue, and from there leads the viewer on a trip that we never know is a dream or reality. It’s filled with the flame-haired Faith (looking gorgeous throughout), gracefully going around in amazing outfits, taking milk baths, wearing creepy masks, encounters with a mysterious chauffeured-driven vintage Mercedes (that can drive itself?!) and some very odd goings on in a church-like setting. And that’s not even all of it! It ends with the viewer being told that “this is only the beginning,” and it’s exciting to think what’s coming next. Put all that together with the fantastic track and you have a knockout clip. Can’t Rely On You is out on February 23rd.

See the clip in all its glory for yourself below (or here):

Can't Rely On You - Paloma Faith

What do you think of the track and music video? Are you a Paloma Faith fan? Tell on in the comments!