Gallery: Elie Saab Haute Couture 2014 Collection

eliesaabmain 2

The ever glamourous haute couture Paris Fashion Week recently finished up, and as haute couture is my absolute favourite, I was in my element. Paris Fashion Week brings out the creme de la creme of fashion world to showcase some truly jaw-dropping collections, and though many designers impressed (Versace and Chanel had some incredible outfits), in terms of couture, few designers do it as well as Elie Saab in my own opinion. For me, his flowing dresses are the ultimate in femininity and grace and his Spring 2014 collection may well be his finest yet.

Saab was apparently inspired by 19th century Dutch painter, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, known for his use of flowers and varying textures within his work. This is very evident in Saab’s own creations, as many of them are graced with delicate floral pattern designs that shimmer as they swish up the catwalk. The designer makes full use of crystals and colours as the dresses are bold in red and black, delicate in lilac, simple in ivory and white and blushing in nudes and pinks.

I posted a few of these on my Facebook page last week, but I’ve got a few more together for you to drool over.  Check out the gallery below to see a variety of gowns in all their beautiful glory.

Are you a fan of Fashion Week? Do you drool over couture? Tell all in the comments!


  1. God some of these are stunning, although the amount of sheer scares me. Can see Beyonce flaunting her thing in one of those sheer ones. I love the peach pink of the first one though. I’m a big fan of flowly feminine dresses!

  2. They are certainly sheer alright! But, so so unbelievably beautiful. I’d give ANYTHING to wear one, but alas, I reckon the only time I’ll be wearing one is in my dreams.

  3. That first dress is so beautiful!

  4. Absolutely love Elie Saab.

  5. Ellie Saab miiiiight be my favourite designer? He does the *most* breathtakingly beautiful gowns. Lots of royals were his stuff so I get to see it on one of my fav blogs:

  6. Thanks for the tip! His stuff really is beyond beautiful.