Sneak Peak: L’Oreal Paris ‘Skin Perfection’ – Correcting Day Moisturiser and Advanced Correcting Serum

Skin Perfection1

What I mean when I say sneak peak is that I’m giving you a peak at the range (which has just been released in shops), but I won’t really know how well the stuff works for about another month, until I’ve had a chance to use it properly. But I’m very excited about it, so I thought I’d chat about it now. I’ve been hearing about this range from L’Oreal Paris since early July, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the products.

What appealed to me was firstly, the very pretty packagin and secondly the ingredients.  Acording to the PR blurb, the serum for example, contains the same ingredients as Lancome’s far pricier Visionnaire Serum, but obviously won’t set you back as much — yay!  This collection is aimed at the 25-35 market, so it’s right up my street, and aims to even tone, luminise, minimise pores and improve the texture of your skin. Well, so they say anyway!


I bought the two issue-based products: an Advanced Correcting Serum (pictured above), €29.99 normally, but I got it 1/3 off at a special launch price and paid €16.65, and a Correcting Day Moisturiser (pictured below), €22.99, but again it was 1/3 off and I paid only €12.99. What’s also interesting, is that the serum uses the same LR2412 ingredient that Lancome has so successfully marketed in its own Visionnaire serum — though it obviously won’t be as concentrated in these products, thus making the overall price range much cheaper – and also a good dose of Perline-P which acts on pores, tone and texture; this is designed to penetrate through the skin and make pores shrink to hell.

I love me a good serum and I was very disappointed by the last serum I tried by No.7, so I’m hoping for better things with this one.  It certainly feels promising on the first application – there was a lovely sent, my skin didn’t feel dry or on the other side of the scale, too greasy and the serum instantly disappears on application. One pump should cover your entire face. So, I’m off to a promising start.


The day cream also promises to help with the pore minimising, help even out the skin tone and give a silky smooth texture to the entire face. My skin really did feel smooth as a babies bum even after the first use, so this made me very happy. It also has a lovely sent and, like the serum, disappears onto the skin leaving no greasy residue.  The big test will be to see if it makes my blemish prone skin break out, because if this happens, into the bin it will fly. It certainly seems to be working well now, but as with both products, it’ll mostly likely be a good 4-6 weeks before I can truly see if they have worked any magic.

There are also a few cosmetic products in the collection, which seem quite nice: two 5-in-1 BB Creams in Fair and Medium and a tinted Awakening and Correcting Eye Cream (which if I’m impressed by the above products is next on the list), and a Magic Touch Instant-Blur which is like a primer and used to disguise open pores and fine lines. You can mix and match ’em as you choose though, don’t feel you have to buy the entire range; I just went for these two, after all.

I’ll do a full blown review next month when I’ve really given them a go, but all in all, the collection seems quite prettily promising and I’m crossing my fingers to see some good results. The range should be available in all good Boots now, so if you like the sound of it, leg it down and the products at their discounted prices while you still can!

Will you be trying any of these?


  1. Jenny! Don’t tell me you’re 25! You’ve the face of a young buck.

    These pictures are gorgeous too – I love me some product porn.

    • I know Lorraine, 25!!! Still finding it hard to cope with this myself! I got a lovely new camera recently, which explains the ‘oul product porn, still, I’m delighted the pictures turned out so well.

  2. Ah I love this serum! and from a fellow Jennifer 🙂 haha xx

    • It’s the serum that I’ve been most impressed with so far, the moisturiser isn’t all that great!

  3. Cassandra Little says:

    I can’t find the follow-up review, how did you do with these products? I’d like to know as I’m prone to breakouts too. 🙂