September Steals – Things You’ll Love AND Want To Steal For Yourself!


As we are very early into what is the start of my favourite season of the year, I thought I’d let the lovely readers know what’s on my “things I’d love” and “things I’d love to steal” lists this September. Coming into September is a trendsetters delight, as we are only bombarded with new season trends in fashion, beauty, and accessories *insert optional swoon of delight here* With this, comes a new array of items I desperately covet.

  •  Things I Love

This newly launched Irish site,  is my favourite thing on the world wide web at the moment, and is the brain child of former co-founder Kirstie McDermott. And I tell you, it is deadly in every sense of the word. This gorgeous site is devoted to digging up the best accessories, beauty tips and general lifestyle frills that life has to offer. There is truly something for every lass to drool over and admire, so if you don’t find something to love on it, well, I’ll eat my favourite frilly hat. Check it out here or if you want to catch up with Kirstie, she loves an ‘oul bit of banter on Twitter.

Polka Dot Nail Art

I’m probably a bit late to the band wagon on this, but I’m currently obsessed with polka dot nail art. I can’t do it myself (boo), but I love getting my nails done in all kinds of polka dot designs. This however isn’t something you can fork out for all the time, so I’m on a mission to try and learn the tricks of the trade myself. Anyone got any tips for a polka dot nail virgin?

  • Things I Want To Steal

Retromatte By Mac 

Runway Hit, Dangerous, All Fired Up, Fixed on Drama

Runway Hit, Dangerous, All Fired Up, Fixed on Drama

Mac lipsticks are my favourite lipsticks on the planet. I own close to 30, so when I discovered they were launching a new collection of matte shades, I almost died. No lie. You see, I love a good matte as I love my lippy to be long lasting, but they can be very difficult to apply and very harsh on the lips (particularly if yours are as dry as a bone like mine are). But rejoice, these new retromatte shades (eight of them with matching lip liners if you want to be exact) promise to be much more refined and easy to wear, thanks to a new finish on the lips. They should be at all good MAC counters by next week, priced at €19 each and I know I’ll be legging it to my nearest one to grab a few. Will you?

Tartan i.e ANYTHING tartan

Gorgeous tartan bag by Vivienne Westwood

Gorgeous tartan bag by Vivienne Westwood

I should point out that I LOVE LOVE tartan, and aren’t I a lucky lady, because it is going to be EVERYWHERE this fall season. Coats, dresses, shirts, dresses, you name it, you’ll find a tartan stamp on it. If the idea of going all out tartan scares the living daylights out of you, you can start it slowly with a cosy scarf or cute bag. I plan to go all out with this and am looking forward to stocking up in the coming weeks.

Anything and Everything Purple

Purple college

Purple is a big colour this season, and it being my favourite colour in the rainbow, I’m dying to infuse myself with everything purple, particularly accessories and bags. You can go any shade you chose: Indigo, eggplant, lavender, or violet, because as long as it can be considered a shade of purple, it is hot for fall 2013. You may not want to wear it from head to toe, but the beauty of this colour is that it can mixed and matched to different colours and shades to flatter all; the purple hues can be mixed with other colours, and it’s usually best to pick colors that will make the purple stand out.

So there you have it! My very own list of September steal-ables! See any you like? What’s on your must-have list this season?