Reasons Why We Should ALL Watch the Great British Bake Off


I’ve become a bit of a baking fiend. But before you ask, no I can’t bake an English Muffin (or any muffin) or anything that should be baked and taste yummy. However,  I do enjoy watching others attempt it for me (I am just that lazy and devoid of any baking talent). I am of course talking about only one thing. The brilliant programme that is the Great British Bake Off. In my own humble opinion, it triumphs over all similar culinary cook off shows, and you just can’t beat baking as a tricky, yet extremely tasty past time. Except, well that’s what each contestant from the GBBO is trying to do (yes, ‘beat’ as in the way you would an egg).

There are technical and show stopping challenges, tears, talk of’ muffs’, hilarious presenters yelling BAAAKE! as if it were the most exciting point of the day (FYI: it practically is), and lots of ‘oven stalking’. Initially, the whole premise of it sounds like these people should be temporarily locked up, but fear not, it’s all about a good bake in the end, and makes for terrific TV. So why should YOU watch the show on every Tuesday evening at 8pm on BBC2? Well, I’ll gladly tell you. On your marks, get set….

  • It makes us want to eat more cake. This is good, very good. You might be having Mr Kipling round to yours rather than actually be practicing the home baking yourself, but the point is, that we can all sit there and stuff our faces with cake and not feel one little bit bad about it. I mean look at the amount the judges have to eat in one go?!
  • The presenters Mel and Sue are hilariously funny, flippant and tell us cool, random stuff about cakes from donkeys’ years ago. Retain that vital information, and you’ll surely reign supreme at this year’s Christmas Trivial Pursuit. Win.
  • We get to watch frantic people kneeling at ovens as they pray to God their cakes won’t burn/will rise (this sick writer gets an odd kick out of that).
  • They contestants do unbelievably amazing things like make ‘Matchstick bread sticks.’  Okay yes the baker in question was a little smug, but they were just so ‘fresh out the oven,’ that we can forgive. I mean JUST LOOK AT THEM:

matchstick bread

  • The programme features judges that sound like their names have been made up: the brilliant Mary Berry and equally brilliant Paul Hollywood.  You would take Mary home for a cup of tea, and probably give Paul a few digs if the truth be told (he can be most cutting with his comments and the oul ‘compliments’), but they truly know their cake baking stuff, are amazing and thus, rock.

So there you have it. Why are you still sitting there? Leg it and watch the repeats NOW people, before tonights episode at 8pm on BBC2 (and tonight they are tackling trifles and floating islands of sorts). It’s honestly too good to miss.

Anyone else out there an equally obsessed fan? Share all in the comments section!


  1. I think the beauty of the show is that it inspires people to bake!! Get baking Jenny!! I also think the beauty of the show is Paul Hollywood – I wont hear of you wanting to hit him a few digs!

  2. Ha, I couldn’t bake to save my life unfortunately, so I will continue to watch the show in awe. Paul is brilliant, there’s no doubt about it, but sometimes he really annoys me; he simply can’t pay anyone a decent compliment without a slight snideness behind it. Rage! But yes, I think it’s also fantastic that the show inspires people to get their rolling pins out. 🙂