It’s a Hoot! Owl-themed Items Look Great in Any Room


Thought I’d post something a little different today. I don’t know about anyone else, but once the autumn and winter seasons roll around, I always want to redecorate rooms. Much like my beauty and fashion September wish lists, I also wish to re-decorate my own house and room. The light and airy look we’re so fond of during the summer months can just get the hell out of my sight, so I can replace it with warm colours and cute accessories for that ultimate cosy winter feel.

And this month, I’m all about Owls. Yep, you read that right, I’m obsessed with cute owl-themed accessories. My phone cover has owls on it, and if I had my way, everything I own would have an owl on it. The adorable owl cushion you see pictured above I got in Penneys for the bargain price of just €8, for example and I just had to have it (I call it cushion lust). It adds a great element of colour to my overall bedroom (which is painted a light, dusky brown), and just generally makes the room look and feel cosier.

I was on a bit of a roll once I spotted the cushion, because Penneys seemed to have decked their entire homeware section out with cute owl produce; tea towels, candle’s, throws, pictures – you name it and there was an owl on it. I decided to buy this equally cute owl vanilla scented candle too (pictured below), as I thought it complimented the cushion very well. This was another bargain buy at just €3. What I love about little owls on items, is that they really can have a spot in any room in the house and not look out of place. The cushion would look equally nice perched atop your favourite chair in the living room, and the candles resting on the kitchen table.

Owl Pic 2

And the thing about homeware in general is that you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to get lovely items that will give your rooms a new lease of life for the colder season ahead. You also have an array of choice when it comes to homeware. I adore the homey sections in Penneys (and those of you that are not a fan of their fashion will surely find something to love in their homeware), Next and Debenhams in particular, and I’m also a big Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston fan – all of which have items on both sides of the scale when it comes to pricing.

I’ve also just realised that I’ve used the word owl way too many times in this piece, and you know what? I couldn’t give a hoot. (Sorry, I was dying to get that one in somewhere!).

So there you have it, I’m obsessed with owl themed interiors this season! Are you a fan of owls and other equally cute home accessories? What are your favourites?


  1. You can’t beat the home section in Pennys, it’s my favourite part in the whole shop! Can’t wait to have my own place and deck it out with everything from it 🙂 Such good value and loving your 2 buys! Hmmmmm….. I feel a redecorating of my room coming up 😉 I must say as I’m not really into make up, this is one of my favourite posts you have done, well except from my favourite “Monday Musings” 🙂 xx

  2. Thanks a million Elaine!! So happy you like the post, I had a feeling you would 😉 You have to go in and see all the homeware selection in Penneys, the stuff is amazing! Think I’ll start doing a post or two like this in the future.

  3. I have that penneys cushion too, so cute. Their home section is great for picking up bits like that.

  4. I have my eye on that candle! Actually, I have my eye on every candle. It’s my ‘thing’ this season.

  5. That candle is the cutest thing ever! I’ll take 7.