Autumn Trends 2013: Bring On The Red! Guest Post from Lorraine at John, It’s Only Makeup!

Excitement! I’ve always wanted to feature a guest blogger on the site, and so I’ve a lovely treat for you all today. Fellow Irish blogger, the hugely talented Lorraine Haigney from John, It’s only makeup! kindly agreed to write a cracker of a post. Lorraine specialises in all things beauty (her site is choc full of excellent posts), and having strut her stuff over at House & Home, Confetti Magazine and among others, she is well and truly an expert in her field. I’ve been a long time fan of Lorraine’s super site and writing (and quirky tweets), and feel very lucky that she’s featuring on the site. Today, she’s talking about a rocking red beauty look for the new season (how gorgeous are her photos?!), so read on and enjoy!

 Mac Ruby Woo Review Swatches

Hey! Summer left! I’ve got three autumnal traditions that I’ve already started upholding. One is eating as much as I want and getting away with it by wearing LOADS of cardigans. Two is frequently neglecting my razor and getting away with it by wearing LOADS of black tights. Three is spending cold mornings in bed, eating into makeup application time, and getting away with it by slapping on LOADS of red.

The combo is striking but classy, a really safe way to play around with this season’s trends. Mac Ruby Woo, €18.50, is a blue-toned red with a matte finish. I think this retro twist is the prettiest way to wear red, but it’s a bitch to apply. If I’m wearing this over a full day I don’t do quick touch-ups – I’ve got a full routine for keeping it in place:

  •  First, totally remove it with an oil on a cotton pad. Its thick texture doesn’t lend itself to heavy layering. It can look cakey and little waxy balls accumulate like fluff on an old jumper.
  •  Apply a good balm – something non-sticky like Nuxe Reve De Miel is ideal but any moisturiser will do once you don’t leave too much on your lips.
  •  Smudge a thin layer in so that you’ve got a solid base. A lip pencil is always effective, and there are some great budget options from the likes of Essence, but blotting and reapplying in light-handed increments works just fine when on the go.

That’s it! A little more effort than usual, but it is a show-stopping shade.


To nails! Some of my all-time favourite polishes are from the Salon Pro by Kate Moss for Rimmel range. I’ve got Rock ‘n’ Roll, €6.45, on in the top picture. You get an opaque wash of colour in two coats, it’s resistant to chipping and the short brush makes it apply with no hassle. So, there you have it! Lovely matching red nails and lips, and right on trend as well. 

Which autumn trends will you be rocking this year? Are you a fan of the matching nails and lips combination? Tell us in the comments section!


  1. Those Rimmel Salon Pro nail polishes are brilliant. I’ve got a burgandy colour that’s so quick and easy to apply.

  2. I’ve actually not tried them yet! But after being so highly commended by Lorraine, yourself and others too, they are next on my list!