It’s My Party (and I’ll Cry If I Want To)


Don’t worry, I didn’t cry. Sorry for the lack of posting last week, things have been very busy work wise, and it was also the week of my Birthday which had me very distracted! As I had such a lovely weekend, I thought I’d do up a small post up on all the celebratory shenanigans. As I get older, I always feel slightly strange on my Birthdays; they seem to come around quicker each year, and though I’d hardly describe myself as an ‘oul wan (I am still in my twenties after all!) I always feel melancholy as I think of another year that has slipped by. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be said for growing older and really getting out into the world – you are more sure of yourself (and of what you want) and you have more life experience and so on (and given the chance, would I really want to do a Back to the Future and be 18 again? Not for a million quid), but I suppose it’s more than I’m at the stage of my life were things are changing – which makes me both simultaneously happy and terrified at the same time – and this is never more apparent than on my Birthday.


Anyway, despite all the “Jaysus, you’re getting old!” comments flying about the place, I have had one of the loveliest weekends in ages. I celebrate my Birthday with my twin sister Lucy, and after a tasty family dinner on Friday night in Malahide, we ventured out to Howl At The Moon in the city centre on the evening of our Birthday (on the Saturday), were we amped up the occasion to a triple celebration with our friend Noelle who was also turning one year older. And sorry lads, I’m not telling you how old, a lady never tells after all! We partied the night away with drinks, dancing and general merriment and it was great to catch up with friends and let the hair down for an evening.

I’m really a very lucky girl, as I got spoilt rotten this year with (as you can see from the above pictures), lots of very amazing presents, many of which were Paris themed (WIN!), and I also got a gorgeous Lady Gaga book, the second season of Girls on dvd (did I mention that series is incredible?!) and an amazing new Canon Camera which I adore and had loads of fun using over the last number of days. I’m really looking forward to snapping plenty of great pictures for the website.

Oh yeah, and cupcakes. DID I MENTION THE CUPCAKES?! I probably did, but I really feel they warrant another mention. Here they are (before I scoffed some, obviously):

Birthday4 FP

I’ve eaten far too many, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. Anyway, that’s my party-inspired post wrapped up (pun intended). There will be a few more posts coming up this week, so keep an eye out for those. What did everyone else get up to at the weekend? Are you freakishly obsessed with cupcakes like I am? Tell all in the comments section! (I’ll present you with a virtual cupcake if you do…).


  1. Aww a very happy belated birthday!

    • Thanks so much! I was dying to take some pictures with the new camera, so the post was ideal for that! 😉

  2. Rach NailsbyNumbers (@NailsbyNumbers) says:

    Happy birthday! Love the pressies! Especially the camera.

    Mine is next week. 28, eek!

    • Thank you so much! Are you looking forward to yours?! I’m totally in love with the camera, I’m going to become a total stalker and take photos of everyone and everything!