Four Nominations in the Irish Blog Awards 2013 – Yay!


This is a quick post today, and it’s really just to say thank you.

Monday the 12th August, saw the release of the Long-List for the Irish Blog Awards 2013, and it sure was a long list! Given that this website/blog is so new and there are so many fantastic Irish sites around at the moment, I would have been thrilled to be nominated in any category, so you can imagine how I felt when I discovered I was nominated for four!!!

There are a total of an amazing 30 categories to scroll down through as of now and I’m so delighted to say that I’ve been nominated for the following:

  • Best Personal Blog
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Beauty/Fashion Blog
  • Best Designed Blog (I’d like to add a massive thank you to my designer Heather here, who collaborated with me, and helped me to come up with this beautiful design and layout!)

I feel so honored that people would take the time to vote for me – it really means so much. To be nominated alongside so many fantastic writers, journalists and various other bloggers is really a privilege – I still can’t believe it! I’m thrilled that you would take the time to come to the site and have a read, so thank you all so much for reading, for your encouragement and for your support.

I started this blog in February of this year (and launched the re-design on April 11th this year), and since then, the website has really taken on a little life of its own. I started it as something for myself – as a journalist, I felt I should have and wanted to have, my own online platform to write about the things and issues I was so passionate about – those being journalism, and the weird and wonderful world of popular culture. I started out focusing on a lot of beauty related posts, which I still write about, but soon wanted it to take on a more personal tone and write about the things that mean the most to me in my personal life, the media and otherwise, and I hope that’s what I’ve been doing successfully enough. I’ve plans to diversify the post content a little in the future and write more about my Cerebral Palsy, for example, and just generally let the reader into my life a little more (but, don’t worry, there’ll still be plenty of the original posts that you know and love up too!).

I truly love writing and this site, and because of this, I put a great deal of care, time and effort into each post that goes up; from the words to the images and everything else in between, so it means so much to me that you are popping by to have a read, and that you’re enjoying the content enough to nominate it in these great awards.

Thank you so much!   

Keep an eye out for plenty of posts in the future and you can have a read of the long list in its entirety here. Congratulations to all the other websites and blogs nominated and thanks again everyone!


  1. Huge congrats!

  2. Thanks a million! Same to you, I see you have a nomination as well? I knew you’d get one! 😉

  3. Congrats! I found your blog through the awards site and so glad I stopped by 🙂 so nice finding fellow irish bloggers 🙂 xx

  4. Thanks so much Vicki, it’s always lovely to find more Irish bloggers. I’ll definitely be having a look at your site as well! 🙂