Perfect Summer Scents by Chanel and Givenchy


Though I write about a lot of different content on the site, I realised that I’d yet to do a post on another topic that I’m equally obsessed about: Perfumes. This is undoubtedly a lighter topic, but I thought with it being summer, there was no better time to give a few of my favourite summer scents a bit of positive promotion. The subject of perfume in itself can be an odd topic as everyone will have a unique stance on their favourites.  Some love them and, some hate them, but I know I can’t step outside the house without spraying some on. Our sense of smell is without a doubt, one of our most powerful senses; and one sniff of a particular scent can instantly take you back and evoke memories from years ago. Aside from this factor (and the fact that most of us enjoy being associated with a pleasant scent), I’ve always thought that perfume adds a bit of unseen finesse to any look or outfit.

For the subject of today’s post, I’m going to take a look at three of my current favourite lighter scents that I wear in the summer in particular: Chance by Chanel, Very Irresistible Givenchy in Electric Rose and Dahila Noir also by Givenchy. I usually wear scents that are much heavier by comparison (usually Jean Paul Gaultier in the autumn and winter months), so it is refreshing to wear these more lightweight, floral scents when summer finally rolls around.

Chance by Chanel

Chance final2

Out of all the different Chanel fragrances, this is probably my favourite. The perfume was created by Jacques Polge in 2003. It comes in a few different variations: the original chance (in Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum),  tender or  fraiche. Pictured above is the original (my personal favourite) in the eau de parfum. This beautiful fragrance (both in terms of scent and packaging; it was the first Chanel fragrance to breakaway from the traditional Chanel bottles and feature in a round capsule) is a perfect one for those lighter days and evenings. It’s very much a classic scent and it smells slightly wooden, sweet and floral while retaining a certain freshness all at the same time. I haven’t worn it one without getting a compliment so it does it’s job well. I also love how you can buy it in the travel twisters, so it’s ideal if you’re planning to jet set this summer. This one, despite being lighter than some other Chanel fragrances really does stay put all day, which is another reason I love it. Any other Chanel fans here?

Very Irresistible Givenchy in Electric Rose

ER2 final

I picked this one up during my visit to Geneva last summer (I know, I can’t believe I still have some left either) and to my knowledge it was a limited edition summer fragrance in some countries, so though you can find it online, it’s not as easy to come by as the other scents in the range. I’ve been a fan of Givenchy fragrances for as long as I can remember and despite Electric Rose being limited edition, it remains a firm favourite hence why I use it so sparingly! This one is a fresher take on the original ‘very irresistible’ fragrances. It’s truly meant to be worn as a lighter and more subtle scent (it only comes in Eau de Toilette) and stands out as one of the brands most delicate summer scents, retaining some new notes whilst keeping the undertones of the original ‘very irresistible’ throughout it. I love the simplistic, elegant design of the bottle and The perfume is divine. The staying power isn’t as good as say, the Chanel, but it’s really meant to create more of a lingering scent. Has anyone else ever tried this one?

 Dahila Noir by Givenchy


This final perfume Dahila Noir again by Givenchy, is one that I only picked up quite recently, despite it being on the market for a while. This one smells quite unique to the rest of the previous fragrances in the brand, which is what enticed me to buy it. Dahlia Noir or the “Black Dalia” is a dusty powdery fragrance with floral structure. The main scents I get are of mandarin, rose, iris and vanilla, but it’s the powdery fragrance that really appeals to me. The scent is very feminine and delicate, but there’s definitely some mysterious notes in there that you pick up one it’s sprayed on the skin, yet it’s light enough to be a summer scent. The bottle’s design is classic, simple and elegant; perfectly suited for the concept of the perfume. As I bought it in Eau de Parfum, the  staying power was excellent; I could still get the scent at the end of the day. Has anyone else used this?

So there you have it! Three of my favourite summer scents. Are you a perfume fan? What are your fragrances of choice? Tell all in the comments section!