Hello Paleface: Mac Face and Body Foundation in White – a Review


I’ve been after this foundation for a long time. It’s been on the market a good while and I’ve had at least four makeup artists from different brands recommend it to me, so after much searching on Ebay (you can’t get this colour in stores here, I’m afraid) I finally found it in the colour I wanted: White. The lightest shade available in Mac stores in Ireland, to my knowledge, is C1, which I find a tad too dark, so I found mixing the C1 with the white gave me a perfect colour match (however, if I’m using it on my décolletage for example, the white shade is ideal). You know how much I like to try different foundations for those with the palest complexions and make no mistake about it, this is as white as you can get (think Barry M White foundation). Dita Von Teese is said to swear by this stuff and after using it for around three weeks now, I can definitely see what all the fuss is about.

It’s worth noting that this is not like your  average “foundation.”It is more of a light, water-based fulid with a tint – so expect coverage to be much lighter than what you’re used to. This particular foundation covers skin with a sheer coat and leaves a dewy finish, which looks great but if you’re looking to get a heavy, flawless finish this won’t be for you. The intended result with this foundation is to let your natural complexion come through underneath the fluid so you’re left with glowing skin – making it an ideal one to wear throughout the summer months. As I have problem skin, it isn’t always practical to wear, but when my skin is behaving itself I love the less is more finish that I get. And another thing: the foundation is very buildable, so you can get a slightly more covered look if you prefer.

Practice Makes Perfect

I was hesitant initially when it came to using this. The trickiest part I found was the application. The liquid has a water-like consistency  so this means that buffing it on with a brush just doesn’t work. But after a few trial and error methods (and practice does make perfect), I found the best way to apply it was by using your fingers and the best places to apply it for me were my tee zone and then to use it sparingly across the cheeks. Because of it’s consistency, you are going to use up a good bit more per go than you would a regular foundation, but even at that, thee’s still heaps left in the bottle so that makes it worth the price tag (I paid around €37 for mine and I have another shade as well, but both will last months).  The fluid is also great for the shoulders, décolletage and anywhere else you think needs a small cover up or added glow.

It’s definitely my new favourite light foundation and though the white shade won’t suit everyone, it is, as I said, perfect as a mixer. I may have to switch to a heaver one come winter, but I’ll be wearing this one for as long as possible until then.

Has anyone else used this? Would you be tempted to give it a go? Spill the beans in the comments section!


  1. This sounds really interesting I have to say I’m tempted!! But ask to get a look at this next time I’m passing MAC!

  2. Jennifer says:

    If you’re a fan of natural foundations, I’d say you’ll love it! It’s a great one for the warm weather in particular as the heavier foundations tend to slide right off my face!

  3. This was my first ever foundation I used when I started to get into make up and I found it great, as someone who was new to foundation I was worried about not getting the right colour etc but I found it great, felt like (and looked like) I was wearing nothing at all! Definitely recommend it for everyday use 🙂

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yay, it’s great to see that someone else loves it as much as I do! 😉

  5. This is my HG foundation for day wear. I’ve tried so many other ones but face and body is the best. You’re totally right, it’s fingers only with this one!

    • Jennifer says:

      It’s great to hear that so many are fans of the foundation; makes me wonder why I didn’t try it sooner! Fingers are the only way to go, I was trying to use different sponges and brushes for ages and getting nowhere!

  6. Applying the white on your face won’t provide coverage, maybe a small white cast, good if you had perfect skin. It is cute on your hands or arms, though.

    But I have super dark acne scars on extremely pale skin, so coverage is a must. And I LOVE adding it to any foundation/BB cream that usually looks orange on me! If mixed(which I do on the top of my hand), it lightens the shade perfectly, and while it thins the coverage of the foundation a *little*, I’d rather have the right, pale color than the right, orangey coverage(which is probably too cakey anyway!), and that’s what concealer’s for! Btw Amazing Cosmetics offers the lightest shade of concealer I’ve found(@ Ulta & Sephora), and you can also finish with white(not translucent) powders. Pale people unite! 😀