The Blog Awards Ireland 2013

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Hi gang! I am back, woo hoo! After a longer than expected absence from the website, the new content is on the way!

I had an amazing time in Paris, (I honestly didn’t want to go home), and I’ll go into full details on this in a separate post later with all my pictures, but for today I’m going to mention the Blog Awards Ireland 2013! 

As an avid website/blog reader myself, I was voting for my favourites long before I started my own website up, as I think they’re a fantastic way to get the smaller blogs out there to a wider readership and a lovely way to recognise all the hard work that the blogging community do. Some of my favourite Irish blogs are featured every year and thanks to the awards, I’ve stumbled onto some amazing sites that I read every day.

Even though my new little website has only just launched, I’ve gotten such a wonderful response to it, so I thought it would be no harm to give it ago and try and take part this year.

The nominations link is here. Here you can nominate all your favourite blogs under their respective categories.

The categories that are appropriate for this site (I think!), are the following:

  • Best Popculture Blog
  • Best Designed Blog
  • Best Blog Of A Journalist

So, if you think this site excels in any of those categories (or any of the others), please do nominate away. 🙂 And you can also click on the link on the sidebar on the right hand side to vote as well.

You’ll need to enter my website email address if you want to cast your all important vote, so the address is: 

Nominations are open until July 31st, so if you love the site and feel like casting a vote, please do!

Thanks a million gang and happy voting! Don’t forget to include all your favourites!


  1. You’re not allowed to be on the best newcomer blog, since its fisrt entry must be date on june 1st 2012, while it looks like yours is dated on march 2010. You may want to correct that, and ill have to find another category that suits your blog! good luck.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Strange! I only started the blog in Feb this year, but I imported some content from an old site, so I’ll fix this straight away! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    Best Popculture blog might be a good category? 😉

    I’ve sorted it out now anyway!

  4. Good luck 🙂