Revlon Baby Sticks Sure Don’t Pack A Punch! Review And Pictures


I’ve been really lucky when it comes to beauty buys lately. All the products I’ve bought over the last few weeks have been surprisingly great, so you can imagine my shock when I was bitterly disappointed with a seemingly excellent product, and a Revlon product at that. But alas, the Revlon; new Baby Stick tints for your cheeks and lips just don’t (as this post title says), pack any punch whatsoever… Boo!  This will surpise quite a few readers as I’ve been raving about the brands recent offerings for a while now  — the Nearly Naked foundation, Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains and infamous Lip Butters are all fabulous products that I own more than one of, but the Revlon Baby Sticks just didn’t float my (beauty) boat.

When they first caught my eye, I was so excited to try these cute little twisty tubes of colour for cheeks and lips. I love me a multipurpose product (Benefit’s Fine One One had me converted) and I’m very fond of cheek tints, so I was convinced I’d love these. It’s a great shame these twisties are quite useless, especially since the three shades – Sunset, Tahiti and Pink Passion (I bought Tahiti)  — look so pretty from the outset. I paid over €8 for mine which, despite how little of the product you get, I didn’t think was that bad. I would have minded even less if the products actually worked!


The issues I have with this product? Well, right off the bat there were two major problems: a (lack of) pigmentation and (no) lasting power. My shade Tahiti is a gorgeous peachy colour, but even after piling it vigorously on the apples of my cheeks it barely showed up at all, and it faded after about 20 minutes leaving a slight residue on my face. Not good.  Then it was nothing but a clear balm on my lips. I was particularly surprised considering I’m so fair skinned (Dainty Doll fair) that practically no colour showed up. So that’s it folks, I won’t be getting this one again. A shame really, as it had so much potential!

Has anyone else recently been let down by a product? Get it off your chest in the comments section!


  1. I was so unimpressed with this when I tried it in Boots. No matter how furiously I swatched it on to my hand, nothing came up! It’s virtually a clear balm, completely useless. So disappointing, because I definitely would have snapped one up if they worked!

    • Jennifer says:

      I know, it was such a waste! It had the potential to be a brilliant gem of a product. I’m surprised at Revlon, usually their products are great.

  2. Ah pity this was a dud cause they look really cute!

  3. Such a shame, they look lovely. The peach colour is gorgeous!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I know! If the colour even showed up at all, I’d love it, but it’s basically just like a clear lip balm which is definitely not worth €8!

  5. I have heard pretty bad reviews regarding Baby Sticks. I wish they would have turned out better.

  6. OH man! I better get out and buy a lot. It is the only blush I have found lately that is PEREFCT for me. I don’t use it on my lips, though. I have Passion Pink. (Pink Passion? I forget).

  7. paige hanson says:

    i thought the same about this shade! you should realy try it in the pink passion as i have found it has a high pigment content and looks great on!!