Monday Musings…

Hi gang! Another week and time for another of my Monday Musings. Sorry I’ve been off the radar for the last week, the site was getting a few tweaks added so I held off writing until they were done — everything’s almost there! You’ll see a few new subtle changes:


As pictured above, you’ll see there’s a brand new little section when you scroll right down to the bottom of the homepage that gives you a little preview of some of the other content in a few of the sections; I think it really adds something to the site and is very useful for taking a peak at some of the older content. Enjoy taking a gander.. 😉 This might be coming up a little wonky if you’re looking at the site from a mobile device, but this should be fixed by tomorrow.

The website will also be fully viewable on all browsers and mobile devices by next week as I’m getting it optimised so that everything can be seen properly.  Also, you’ll notice an adorable little heart icon now sitting in the browser beside the website address. This is my new favicon (it’s the same little heart that’s on my typewriter in my logo) and I think it looks super cute. The site should also be loading faster as it had been running quite slow over the last week. Hope everyone likes the new changes!


Next up, the Cannes Film Festival 2013 came to a close on Sunday night with the coming-of-age drama ‘Blue Is the Warmest Colour,’ from France, taking the coveted 2013 Palme d’Or. Tipped by many early on that it would take the top prize, I initially thought that the film, which features many explicit sexual scenes throughout, might be too much for family friendly director (and jury president) Steven Spielberg, but he knew it was a winner and took the unusual step of awarding the top prize not simply to director Abdellatif Kechiche, but to the film’s two leading actresses. “The film is a great love story,” Spielberg said. The jury, he said in a post-ceremony press conference, felt “privileged” to watch this story of “deep love, deep heartbreak evolve.”  It was a fantastic week for film which saw entires from the Coen Brothers and Roman Polanski.

‘Inside Llewyn Davis,’ the Coen brothers’ week-in-the-life of a disgruntled Greenwich Village folkie circa 1961, won the Grand Prix, second prize in the Cannes scheme of things. The third-place Jury Prize went to the well-liked Japanese drama ‘Like Father, Like Son.’ Bruce Dern won best actor for ‘Nebraska’; Berenice Bejo, won best actress for ‘The Past,’ and Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke’s ‘A Touch of Sin’ received the screenplay prize, with the best director award going to Amat Escalante for the grueling Mexican drama ‘Heli.’

It was a brilliant event for film (and fashion — some of my favourite outfits are pictured above), and I’ve decided that I don’t care how I do it, I’m going to Cannes 2014!


While we’re on the movie topic, I recently saw Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby.’ It opened the Cannes festival, and while it has garnered a mixed reception from critics, I was eager to see it for myself before making a judgment. I should make it known that I’m a huge fan of Luhrmanns’ work. His Red Curtain Trilogy consists of three very fine (and visually stunning) films, but I was sad to say that I wasn’t overly pleased with his take on Gatsby. I’m a huge fan of the novel and as a film comparison, it just didn’t measure up.  The movie, which was as visually gorgeous as ever, had many holes that were left unfulfilled — both in terms of plot and character. Dicaprio was perfect casting (and honestly was the only one to introduce any real depth to his character), while Maguire was far too chirpy for the role of narrator.

I enjoyed it in bits and pieces, but it is yet another Gatsby adaptation that fails to capture the ‘great’ premise of the novel. Looking at it as a stand alone film, it is quite enjoyable and Carey Mulligan is painstakingly beautiful; she has the perfect look for Daisy, but it’s only natural that comparisons will be drawn from the novel, which I love too much to not consider when forming my thoughts on the movie adaptation. What did you think of it?


It’s getting closer and closer to my Paris trip — woo hoo! In less than two weeks, I’ll be in my favourite place in the world and have already started getting my packing organised. I have my maps all and a big list of what I want to see and do. Does anyone have any particular spots they love to visit? I’ll be sure to stop by them when I get there if you have!

Finally, I just discovered the brilliant site that is Etsy last week and I could spend hours on it! It is full of any trinket imaginable and you’ll honestly find yourself picking up a few bits just because they look so good. I caved in and bout the adorable ‘Cat’ wrapping paper (pictured below) – I don’t know when and if I’ll use it for wrapping an actual present, but I love it anyway!

Etsy 2

So that’s it folks, another Monday Musings done and dusted. What have you been up to the past week? Are you liking any of the above? Don’t be shy, tell all in the comments section!


  1. That cat wrapping paper is amazing!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ha, thanks, I love it too! You can actually get a few different animal varieties in that paper, it was a tough choice, but the cat won me over!