Barry M White Foundation Creme: Review and Pictures


I’ve spoken a lot recently about the fact that foundations for those of us with the fairer skin tones are getting increasingly hard to come by. To my own knowledge, there are certainly no Irish cosmetic company that stock foundations that are truly pale; any that I own I have to buy overseas, and even then it’s a struggle to find a shade match. My solution to finding an exact colour match is simply to mix foundations. I literally choose a white foundation and mix a little of this with the lightest shade in another brand that worn alone, would be too dark.

The next task is finding a workable white foundation to mix and this brought me to today’s product review: Barry M’s White Creme Foundation. I had been using my Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation to mix, but this is running low and I wanted a proper substitute that I could use every day, so this seemed like a fairly good choice.

I’d been reading about this one for a while and fellow Irish blogger Aoife, mentioned that you could by it online so I purchased a tube to try it out. After using it for a number of weeks, like most products, there are both good and bad things about it.


 The good:

  •  Nice packaging. I really like the simple, yet effective tube that it comes in and this means you only use exactly what you need to each time.
  • Excellent colour for mixing. You won’t get any whiter than this and it will certainly take that dark tint away from your foundation and make it a shade or two lighter.
  • Really good price. I pad around 7.50 for a tube and though this might sound a bit steep you only need to use a small amount per go, so one tube should last you ages.

The Not-So-Good:

  • It has a paste-like consistency. I’m not a huge fan of the consistency. Because it’s a creme foundation, it comes out of the tube like a paste, and this made mixing it with a liquid foundation quite tricky. After a couple of goes I got the hang of it (because of the way it spreads out and sits on the skin, you literally only need to use a pea sized amount to mix with your foundation), but it’s not one for those rushed mornings!
  • Can’t be bought here. We have Barry M counters in all good Boots counters, but I’ve never seen one stock white foundation, so your only option is online. I bought mine on Ebay and you can buy it from the Barry M website, but beware, they charge around €15 just to ship to Ireland (that’s before you buy a product), which I think is very expensive considering they’re a UK based website.


In short: It’s a fairly solid foundation mixer, even if it takes some getting used to. I think I still prefer mixing a liquid with a liquid (as opposed to a creme), but there won’t be a foundation line in sight once you’ve got the hang of it, so it does the job.

What do you think? Are you tempted to try this or have you done so before? Tell all in the comments section!


  1. I can never find this anywhere 🙁 I use the Face Atelier Zero Minus white foundation but its €36 🙁 would love a cheaper alternative

  2. Jennifer says:

    This one is great as a cheaper alternative and you can get it on Ebay or from the Barry M. Website. Even with the shipping cost, it will work out cheaper than €36. 😉

  3. This sounds really interesting, never even heard of it!

  4. Jennifer says:

    It’s really handy if you want to mix up your foundation, but it’s obviously too white to wear alone (even for me!).

  5. You can order it on about €10

    • Excellent! So much cheaper than ordering it from the UK site, thanks so much for letting me know Maisy! 🙂