You’re Making Me Blush! My Current Favourite Blushers


When it comes to finishing off your beauty look, there’s nothing a good blusher won’t fix I always say. Aside from loving a pretty blusher, as I’m so fair skinned, I find a decent one crucial (without one, I would definitely look like a corpse). I wanted to do a post on my current favourite powder blushers (I really can’t stand cream blushers; my skin is too oily for them) for a while now, and as we’re finally approaching the summer months, now is the perfect time of year to update your  look by applying a subtle glow to your cheeks using your blusher of choice. Here are my current favorites:

 Pink Sugar By Bobbi Brown 


Though you can’t tell from the above picture (sorry about that!) this “Pink Sugar” blush by Bobbi Brown actually contains shimmer throughout, and is truly gorgeous when applied. It’s a dusky pink and gives you a subtle, shimmery glow. It’s also really pigmented so you only need to lightly dust it on to get a natural rosy glow.

Dandelion By Benefit


This has been a staple blusher of mine for years. Pictured above in the Feelin’ Dandy box set, “Dandelion” by Benefit is a softened, peachy pink blusher (though it comes out pink on me, the peach tones can be stronger, depending on the undertones of your skin), that creates a very delicate finish. Though the powder looks very light, it has very good staying power, though you may need to apply a little more for it to show up if you’re as fair skinned as I!. The little brush that comes with the blush is great for touch ups too.

Deep Throat By NARS


NARS “Deep Throat” blusher is s described as a “flirty, sheer peach,” which describes it fairly well, only it is definitely has strong pink pigments throughout as well. It’s a warm coral and has a hint of pink and contains a subtle shimmer too. It’s a good alternative to those who aren’t a fan of the of the strong peach tones of the popular “orgasm” colour.  I love this colour because It’s warm without being too orange or red and is really buildable; it can be soft, barely there and used more as a soft glow or intensified for a pop of coral on the cheek.  The texture is soft and smooth, and I’ve found its one of the less pigmented blushes NARS makes but don’t worry, it stays put all day. Another gorgeous colour.

 Shade 20 Ivresse by Dita Von Teese


I wrote about this one when I was reviewing the Dita Von Teese Makeup Collection, and had to include it here as it remains a favourite of mine. This is another Rose coloured blush and it’s very pigmented, so you only need a dash of it on the apples of your cheeks to get a flushed, rosy glow — a little goes a long way with this one. It has a rich, almost creamy consistency (though it goes on as a powder), and thankfully, doesn’t have a chalky texture as some powder blushes can. Great staying power with this one too; I didn’t need to re-apply once.

Have you tried any of the above? What are your favourite blushers? Tell all in the comments section!


  1. Love your picks!

    • Aw, thanks a million! It’s taken some practice, but I’m getting better at them… 😉

  2. I have been eyeing the Deep Throat for quite a while now. I was told that for tan challenged ladies it works wonders but I have always been hesitant because it looks so bright. I might have to test it out in Sephora next time I stop in. I’ve been using the Milani Luminoso and as of recent the Flushed palette so if it is similar I will probably end up picking it up haha. Love these pictures they really do the colors justice.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks so much, so glad you’re liking the photos! Deep Throat isn’t nearly as bright as it might seem and you certainly don’t have to have a tan to wear it; i’m as pale as anything and I still love it. It gives you a very natural, rosy glow.