Prada Presents “A Therapy” – Short Film


This short film for Prada is an oldie. Well, just under a year old to be exact, but is one of the best advertising fashion ‘campaigns’ I’ve seen in ages. This was a surprise submission from the much talked about Roman Polanski at last years Cannes Film Festival.  Prada managed to get the now infamous Polanski and actors Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley to star in their suitably quirky ad campaign, which (despite my being utterly against the fact that she is clearly wearing real fur – not good), is really excellent.  I’m always fascinated by these ‘fashion films’ that have become quite popular; a major fashion house will enlist the creative talents of an award winning director and equally famous actors and the result is a very sleek, cinematic product, which will obviously get a larger audience familiar with a brand. The notion of this “fashion film” has grown in recent years; Prada have previously worked with Jordan and Ridley Scott, and in 2010 Dior hired David Lynch to do the same. Overall, it’s an interesting concept.


In the short film (which, unlike other fashion films is heavy in dialogue), we meet the melodramatic, beautifully dressed Carter as she recounts a very Polanski-like dream filled with anxiety, fear and loneliness to her silent  psychoanalyst, played by Kingsley. As Carter drones on, Kingsly gets distracted by the impeccable coat (it is beautiful to look at, despite the fact that I would never wear real fur) , goes to stroke the fur, taking in it’s obvious beauty before indulging his fantasy and putting it on. At the end we’re told that in fact “Prada Suits Everyone,” which sums up the entire witty situation to perfection. Carter is perfectly cast. Polanski informed the audience at the time of the premiere that the three-minute film was an “anti-commercial,” and was meant to be witty and ironic.

Watch it below:

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