Max Factor CC Colour Correcting Cream: Review And Pictures

CCCream1st pic

The latest CC Color Correcting Cream by Max Factor promises an awful lot. The product claims to  be an intensive colour corrector; containing active ingredients that fuse together to brighten the complexion and give smoother looking skin. The CC Cream also contains foundation pigments which provide high but natural coverage, and lots of natural ingredients like  cucumber water, rose hip and sea buckthorn, and glycerin, which provides high levels of hydration to leave skin feeling moisturised and in turn soft and smooth. So, for such a little product, it’s promising to pack a powerful punch. Does it do all of the above? The big answer is yes!!! Woo hoo! You get all the above.


Having turned my noise up at BB Creams in the past (they are just like an upgraded version of a tinted moisturiser, and don’t offer enough coverage in my opinion), I have been so so impressed by this. For those that don’t know, a CC Cream is essentially an upgraded version of the BB Cream – they tend to come in more than two shades (unlike most BB offerings), and have some sort of colour correcting and brightening action going on. If it’s a really excellent CC Cream, you should be able to wear it alone and not worry about layering another base product over the top. This is exactly the case for Max Factor’s latest CC Cream offering. Here’s why it’s my latest must-have beauty product:

  • It comes in three shades: Fair, Medium and Dark and unlike some BB creams I’ve tried, this actually caters for the fairer skin. I bought the lightest shade and though it looks dark in the pictures, it blended seamlessly in to my translucent tones.
  • Gives excellent coverage. I’m fussy about coverage; I want it to feel light on the skin, yet cover well, so this is where it got the winning points for me. Because it is quite pigmented, I was able to get the fuller coverage I preferred, while it still felt weightless when applied.
  • It smoothed easily over any imperfections I had and really did brighten my complexion; my friend couldn’t believe I wasn’t wearing a foundation and commented on how good my skin looked.
  • Nicely moisturises and doesn’t cling to any of those dreaded dry patches around my nose.
  • Is budget friendly. Retailing at €15.99 for a 30ml tube, it’s a really decent price and you don’t need to use a lot to get decent coverage.

In short: I love this! I find it is perfect for wearing during the day and acts as a really nice foundation for the summer months ahead. I always apply a little concealer over certain areas, before I lash on the CC cream (I find applying it with your fingertips works perfectly), and after that, I’m good to go.

Are you a fan of CC Creams? Will you be trying this? Tell all in the comments!


  1. I’ve dismissed CC creams automatically as being as useless as BB creams are, for the silly reason that they both have a double letter as their name, and thus must be the same. Not a great reason, admittedly, but they just seemed like another gimmicky take on light foundations. Once you said converted for life, you had me intrigued though, and this post is so glowing that I might have to nab one. I’m trying not to buy any more beauty crap for a while, but I’m too curious now. Damn you! 😛

  2. I tried this in store and it felt lovely and looked a really decent shade!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Ha, sorry Aoife! Before I tried this one, I felt the same way about CC creams. And it is indeed very lovely MakeupMonster.

  4. Have been wary of CC creams after a few disastrous encounters with their BB counterparts but this rave review has really tempted me to go try this one out! Sounds really good!

    • Jennifer says:

      The CC Creams are definitely miles better than the rather useless BB cream counter parts. Let me know what you think of this one! 🙂

  5. Hey, new to your page

    I tried This CC Cream when I was traveling in the UK last month and I love it! I have a fair complexion so to find something that gives me a nice coverage as well as also evens out my redness in my skin tone is extremely hard to find without looking like an oompa loompa. I use this cream everyday as I bought when I was in the UK. I combine it with the Light Ivory all day flawless of maxfactor just for the extra bit of coverage as well to ensure it lasts the day which for me it does.

    My only disappointment is they don’t sell this in Australia, to make matters worse they don’t sell my all day flawless in light ivory in Australia either. So I am resorting to try and hunt it down online without any luck but Ebay but i need something more reliable that will always have stock. Any ideas would be great

    Overall i LOVE this product and would recommend it for the fair skin users all over if you refuse to pay the price of 50 AUD for something that does the same thing.

    • I brought some here in New Zealand tonight, I’m suprised to hear you don’t have it in Oz….being the big brother of NZ normally make up products are there first and cheaper…maybe keep snooping around!

    • Hey Kira!

      You can definitely get this at least from National Pharmacies (and probably other chemists too) – I just got sent an ad for it from NP, which lead me to read up on the reviews! It probably just took some time to get around, as it’s fairly new…

      This pasty, Irish-blooded girl is gonna get some on her lunch break!

    • Hey… cc cream maxfactor is available now in australia.. big w is doing an offer for 14 bux something. terry chemist for 19 bux i think.. i jst bought cc cream.lasy nite n i jst used… it so.much..

    • Actually they do sell both products and shades in south australia. Hope that helps 🙂

  6. I bought this and it is really great, but I’m quite pale and their light shade makes me look like an Elizabethan Queen! It smooths out my blotchy complexion and makes my h u g e pores look smaller!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Glad you like it as much as I do Kate! 🙂

  8. Thanks a lot for the review! In out country seems not a lot of people tried it who write reviews. Your review made me think about buying it!!!:)

  9. Rahmadhianty says:

    I tried this cc cream and I loveee it so much. The coverage is better than any other cc cream I tried before 🙂 great review 😀

  10. Denize says:

    I bought the max factor cc cream two years ago and for some reason, I didnt like it. Maybe I used to apply it the wrong way, or maybe I applied too much of the product which resulted to a cakey texture? But I bought another one this year and tried it. I ended up L O V I N G it !! I guess a little amount goes a long way haha