Exciting Times Ahead….


Hi gang, I’m so sorry that this is my first post of the week, not like me but all Easter weekend I was struck down with a horrific case of the vomiting bug which I’m only recovering from now!

Anyway for my first post this week, I’m going to fill you in on a few bits and pieces that I’ve come across since I last posted.  As you can see from the above picture, I’m getting all the little bits and pieces together for the new website launch (which is still a couple of weeks away yet; the (amazing) designer is finishing off things and I’m in the middle of getting the new host site organised, but I’ll keep you all updated), and this includes new business cards! I ordered them from the super cool moo.com and I just love them! I can’t let you peak at the actual cards just yet, but I wanted to show you the packaging because I even love that. I’m so excited about the new website design! It’ll be the exact same name etc I’ll just have a new logo, Facebook page and loads of little extra things for you to look at while you’re here. It’s all very exciting, I can’t wait for the launch!


In terms of other stuff planned for the site, I’ve got loads of new content ideas planned so more film, fashion, music and of course beauty reviews that I know you guys love! I’m planning a post or two on some of my latest favourite beauty budget buys (there are some absolute gems out now that will well and truly rival the expensive ones) and a cult foundation that I’ve only recently tried and now, I won’t buy any other! In the picture above you can take a peak at some of the brands I’ll be looking at. I’m also aware that I focus a lot on products for those suitably fairer skinned, but that’s mainly because I am and those are the products I buy! Apart from the foundations, any of the products I review will suit and look great on other skin tones too, so don’t worry. I’ve plenty of beauty stuff coming up, the problem is, I have so much stuff to review I need to distribute it evenly amongst the other posts!

If any readers have anything they want to see up that I’m not currently posting, please don’t hesitate to contact me or just post your thoughts in the comment section below (I love reading the comments). I want to make sure the readers are happy too. 😉

Lady Gaga Wheelchair

I look suitably less cooler than Lady Gaga in my own wheelchair (which like her, I use from time to time) , and alas, it is definitely not made by Louis Vuitton!

I’ll also be including some more posts about me and what I get up to, just so everyone can find out a little more about me, and so that we can (hopefully) get lots of interesting discussions going too. I always like to know a little about anyone who runs a site that I visit and I’m sure the same applies to some of you as well. I’ve always thought it nice.  I mentioned in the About Me section for example, that I have mild Cerebral Palsy and would be more than happy to write a few posts on this if anyone has any questions about it or topics they would like to talk about as it’s a big part of my life, and I never mind sharing this with people. The gorgeous picture above (which I thought was very appropriate!) was drawn by an amazingly talented artist named Helen Green, you can see here website and work here. All credits go to her for the picture obviously.


Before I became so ill over the weekend, the family held a bon voyage party for my cousin, who is now in Canada about to go on an exciting adventures (we miss you Mel!) and I just had to post a picture of the special cup cakes she got! They almost look too pretty to eat, but they definitely didn’t stick around; I looked over and my family (there are many of us) had devoured the lot! Still, I believe they were as yummy as they looked!


Finally, just a few days ago I came across this adorable ‘button’ china in Malahide. I want the lot in my house!

Well, that’s just a few of the things that are on the way and that I got up to prior to being sick. Full posting will be resumed as normal as soon as this darn bug fully lifts, which should be by next week. Are you excited about the site launch? Enjoying the posts or is there something you want to see more (or less) of? Don’t be shy, spill in the comments!