A Whole New (Website) Look!


Well folks it’s finally here! My brand new, shiny website design, logo and all that jazz thanks the incredible talents of my truly amazing designer Heather over at vivalaviolette.com. She worked SO hard and was extremely patient with me in getting all of this ready to go and thanks to her, it looks incredible! (She also came up with the super cute typewriter in my logo). I just want to say a massive thank you to Heather for all her hard work and for working with me, I’ve had so much fun during the design process! I also want to say thank you to Rick and the gang over at GetFlyWheel.com (my hosting site) for helping me out with all the technical issues and my friend Sean (FYI: he can also design very cool websites) for answering my endless (I’m sure rather annoying) questions about everything over the past weeks. I couldn’t have done (any of) this without all the help and advice so thanks a million guys!

I’ve also set up a new Facebook Page where I’ll be posting all the updates from here from here on out so pretty please Like the page to keep track of all the updates. 😉 I’ll be tweeting about this over on my Twitter too, so please pop by and say hello. Hope you’re liking my new extra cute business cards too! 😉

The updates will start rolling in as usual from Monday next week  so keep an eye out for them; I’ve loads of content planned for the next few weeks, yay! I’ll be tweaking things over the next while, but have a good look around and take in all the fab new features! I just love my new site and I hope you guys do too!

What does everyone think? I’m dying to hear your thoughts so comment away in the comments section!



  1. Looking fab missus!

    • Thanks a million! 🙂 I’m still getting used to it after having the other layout for so long!