Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: A Good One For Pale Skin – Review and Pictures


I spotted this one as I was leaving Boots yesterday and I’m not gonna lie, the picture of the stunning Emma Stone beside it was what almost made me buy the thing! (I’ve spoken about some of Emma’s best beauty looks before, read about them here). Emma is my favourite pale faced celebrity at the moment and being that she’s super pale and the current face of Revlon, I was eager to try and test their latest Nearly Naked foundation as they boasted a number of pale shades and have a good reputation in terms of their foundations.

I’ve been wearing this since I bought it and so far I am very impressed. I chose the palest shade in 110 Ivory and though it’s a tiny bit darker than my Bobbi Brown Alabaster shade, it still is a fairly solid colour match and to the naked eye no one would tell the difference. I had been wondering if I should have bought the next shade up in 120 vanilla (apparently, this is what Emma wears in the ad and pictures), but on closer inspection, this one would have been too yellow on, so if your tone is in the range of Alabaster, stick with Ivory. It’s a lightweight foundation that looks really natural on the skin. It comes in ten shades of the foundation and five shades of the accompanying powder, (the fair skinned should steer well clear of this though as even the ‘light’ shade is far too dark!), and is a steal at €13.99.  The colour match while great, is slightly darker than my usual colour – Dainty Doll is paler, but the texture of this foundation gives a far better finish on the skin – but I’ll definitely be wearing it during the day.


The good stuff about it:

  • Colour: Really good colour match for those with pale complexions (110 Ivory and 120 Vanilla are the palest shades)
  • Light texture. The texture is extremely light, ensuring that it glides on smoothy and sits very well on the skin
  • Buildable Coverage. The coverage is light to medium, and if you want fuller coverage, you can easily build it up and it won’t look heavy
  • Has a semi matt finish which looks great, and even when I added my light Dita Von Teese powder to set it, it didn’t cling to any dry patches
  • Full of natural ingredients that are super for your skin; green tea, black tea, oatmeal and jojoba oil among others
  • Bargin Price. You just can’t go wrong for €13.99

The Not-So-Good Stuff About It

  • Doesn’t come with a pump (why Revlon, why?!) so loads may come out at once if care is not taken
  • If the Ivory shade was just the teeniest bit paler I would jump for joy. This is a fairly solid match on me, but not a perfect one. I reckon to the naked eye no one would notice the difference, but I notice.
  • The accompanying powder is waaay too dark
  • This is a light one in every sense of the word so if you need full blown coverage, you’re not gonna get it with this one

So, the pros outweigh the cons with this one and this will make a great staple for a day wear foundation.

Will you be buying a bottle?


  1. Oh god. The lack of pump. WHY? It makes applying it that much more difficult than it needs to be. I reckon I’ve lost a good chunk of the bottle just pouring too much out by accident.

    I’ve been using it for the last couple of weeks, and I found that it builds quite well, so I don’t think the light formulation matters that much, but I have quite good skin, so that probably helps.

    • I know, why in the name of god would they leave out a pump??! Perhaps it’s a cleaver marketing ploy to ensure it runs out quicker and we buy more!

      I’m going through a good phase in terms of my skin at the moment so the light coverage works really well but should I start to break out it may be a different story.. Time will tell.

  2. I like this a lot, but have been having a hard time finding a really good colour match. Am currently mixing Shell and Nude on the back of my hand – where the lack of a pump becomes really annoying!

  3. I’m contemplating mixing some of the Vanilla shade also. Don’t you hate when shades are just off colour by about an inch! Here’s a tip if you’re mixing: buy a travel pack of empty containers in Boots or a similar store (t’ll cost around €4 – €5) and in this pack you’ll get a bottle with a pump on it. Simply add your foundation in this and mix away to your hearts content!

  4. It bugs the crap out of me that Revlon don’t do pumps. I love their ColorStay foundation but run out of it much quicker than any of my other ones. Although, that’s great news for Revlon I guess as I end up repurchasing it more. Not so much for my purse though. Grrr.

  5. Great review I did really like this although can’t stop my BB Cream obsession so it’s not getting used enough!

  6. I’d love to get into BB creams, but so far, I can’t find any pale enough for me! I bought one from Collection 2000 to try out so I’m going to see if I can get a shade match.

  7. I know Paula, what is with them leaving out a pump??! I’ll never understand it!