Love Her Style: Emma Stone


In the second of my ‘Love Her Style’ posts, I’m talking about the gorgeous Emma Stone (see my first one on Paloma Faith here). I admit to having a total girl crush (and I still can’t believe people, myself included are actually using that term, but its very fitting) on the actress who seems to be everywhere at the moment. I’ve spoken about some of her beauty look before (see here) and spoke about how she’s the current face of Revlon (see here), and now I’m turning to her style. I just think she’s super cool. I seriously envy how she can pull off Blonde (her natural color), dark Brown or those gorgeous Red locks and that she’s done two love scenes with the gorgeous Ryan Gosling, but even then I just can’t hate her. She’s too cool. And totally seems like she’d be the deadliest best friend ever.

Whether she’s going red carpet glamourous or casual chic, Emma knows how to rock a look, and knows what suits her.


She graces the cover of the April Edition of Company Magazine, and says that she has her style team to thank for pulling off her looks as she’s been working with the same team since she was 17 years old. Give yourself a little credit too Emma! In the interview she also revealed a little more about her style and look.

“I’d try really hard to tan so that I wasn’t the weirdo pale kid. I wanted to be part of the cool group, but I learned pretty early on that all I do is burn.”

On what’s next for her: “I’ve never cut my hair short as an adult. Only when I was 12 years old – and it looked terrible. And I’ve never dyed it any unnatural colour, so that would be fun.”

On blonde hair vs. red hair: “When it’s blonde, I wish it was red. And when it’s red, I wish it was blonde. I would probably keep it blonde in real life just because blonde grows out better so it’s cheaper. But the studios pay for my hair changes, so that’s cool.”

On having pale genes:
 “I can’t help it. When I was younger, I’d try really hard to tan (I’m from Arizona, which is really sunny and everyone there is really tanned) so that I wasn’t the weirdo pale kid. I wanted to be part of the cool group, but I learned pretty early on that all I do is burn. So then I did spray tans, which unfortunately made me look like I had leprosy or I had just dug through mud.” Source.

Emma S7

I think part of what makes Emma’s look so solid is that she sticks to her naturally pale skin, she had fake tan on at an awards ceremony a while back (see below for the picture) and it just did nothing for her. So wether she’s working the casual day look or strolling up that read carpet, Emma manages to look flawless, on trend and above all: be herself! This is what makes her, in my opinion a perfect style icon.

Emma S8

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Are you an Emma Stone fan? What do you think of her style?  Tell all in the comments section!


  1. I love her look and it’s great to see more pale celebs out there working it!