Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick: Review and Pictures


I’m a lipstick fanatic and so always leg it to practically any makeup stand when I see a new lipstick advertised. Until now, though I love Bourjois – their product packaging and blushers are fabulous – I’ve always been weary of their lipsticks as they’ve never impressed me. However, with the launch of the newly released Rouge Edition collection boasting 18 on trend, fashion-led lipsticks, Bourjois are definitely upping the stakes in their lipstick line.


I was hugely impressed with the variation of colours; they range from  nudes to pinks, reds and plums, and there was also an impressively florescent orange shade thrown in for good measure. I couldn’t have pulled that one off but I bet it looks terrific on and would be great for the summer season.  After much deliberation, I chose two shades: a nude pink (No.4 Rose Tweed) and a plum wine colour (No.18 Violine Strauss).


The Rouge Edition lipsticks are enriched with orchid blossom extract allowing them to glide on beautifully and leave your lips hydrated for up to ten hours with a half gloss, half radiant colour finish. I’m a huge fan of the texture of the lipsticks: They create to a soft sheen on the lips and are neither too glossy nor too matt, they simply stay put and hydrate. My lips are prone to really drying out, so this was something I loved about the lipsticks.


The shades are very creamy, yet still heavily pigmented, so you get a rich splash of colour without having to put have the lipstick on per go. Mine didn’t stay put for 10 hours like Bourjois claim it will, but I got about a solid  four hours before I needed to top it up which I thought was really good going.

I’m loving the lipsticks and will definitely be purchasing another shade. The Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks are available now and they retail at €9.99, when I purchased mine I got them for €6.99 each, which I thought was a real bargain.

Are you liking the shades? I can’t pick a favourite!


  1. These two look lovely must give them a closer look!

  2. The lipsticks are really gorgeous and there’s so many on trend colours to chose from. I had a hard time deciding on just two shades!

  3. :O I like the look of these, I’m starting to get into lipsticks a bit more as it can really change up a look so easily! Loving the look of the Violine Strass, they can really dry up my lips though so considering this one doesn’t, I think I’ll give it a go 🙂

  4. I wore the Violet Strass all day, I love it! They really don’t dry out the lips which is deadly, so I’ve a feeling you’ll love them! There’s tons of colours to choose from too. 🙂 xx