Benefit World Famous Neutrals: Most Glamorous Nudes Ever; Eye Shadow Palette Review and Pictures


Benefit have been on a roll lately with the release of some uber amazing products. First we were given the gem that is Fine-One-One (check out my rave review and pictures here), and now they’ve just released this equally amazing series of  three types World Famous Neutrals palettes. I got my hands on ‘The Most Glamourous Nudes Ever’ eyeshadow palette (though be extra careful when typing that one into google!), chock full of rich and illuminating browns, creams and taupes. My trusty, loyal Urban Decay palettes will be heartbroken to know that I’ve found a new favourite.


This dandy kit has everything; I was thoroughly impressed with the variation of the creams, powders, mattes, metallics, satins and shimmers that this compact palette had to offer. And right there is the beauty of ’em; you can mix, match and play around with the shades to your hearts content. I’m a big fan of mixing and contouring shadows, as when done correctly, this effect really enhances your peepers. We have to thank Benefit for once again hitting the nail on the head with these; the palettes are so well designed that the six shades allow you to do just that.


The kits come with two Creaseless Cream shadows and four Longwear Powder shadows. In my palette the creams are: Birthday Suit (though I’ll definitely be wearing much more besides this!) and My Two Cents and the Longwear Powder Shadows are: Call My Buff (a creamy color, perfect for contouring), Kiss Me, I’m Tipsy (a gorgeous Dark brown that shimmers), It’s Complicated (a dusky pink colour) and Gilt-y Pleasure (a lighter toned brown with a matt finish). I’m in love with the shimmer shade that is Kiss Me, I’m Tipsy as it looks amazing on. You can try so many different shade combinations (I tend to work with the Matt shades during the day and use the Satin, Shimmers and Creams in the evening) so if you love your brown shadows and are looking for a kit that has Satin, Shimmer, Creams and Matt shades, this one is all too perfect. The shadows also lasted the entire day without fading which also gets it extra brownie points.


The packaging, cutely designed like a pack of tarot cards, is gorgeous as per usual (the Benefit gals always pull out all the stops when it comes to pretty packaging), and each comes complete with a good sized mirror in the lid, as well as a handy Tips and Tricks card. It’s a perfect size for your handbag too. All three palettes – Sexiest Nudes Ever, Easiest Nudes Ever and my Most Glamourous Nudes Ever are available at all good Benefit counters now at €34.50 each. This price is definitely not too shabby considering you get six products that can all be used together in a huge variety of different ways.

In short: I heart this! Will you be trying out a palette?


  1. I love these, thanks for sharing.
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  2. I love the look of this palette I’ll definitely be swatching this the next time I’m passing the Benefit counter!

  3. All three of the palettes are gorgeous, I want the lot!