Yer A Fine One! Benefit Fine-One-One Review


I first heard of Benefit’s Fine-One-One back in October over on, and I did a little dance (that’s right, an actual dance) when I was given a chance to try it out a couple of weeks ago. This beauty product has just been released this month, and the Benefit gals have done it once again with this beautifully packaged, multi-purpose gem of a beauty product. It’s a deadly, sheer colour push-up stick for cheeks and lips and comes with three shades built in: pink champagne, sheer watermelon and soft coral.  It looks so lovely I could have eaten the thing! (Don’t be scared though, I swear I didn’t).

Now I know there’s mixed reviews of this product flying around the web but I’m all about beauty products and foundations that fly the flag for us pale-faced ladies, and this product is definitely one of those. The mix of peachy/pinky colours made my cheeks looked subtly flushed and oh-so perfectly complimented my winter pale skin. Win! When applied to my lips it gave them lovely pink tint, so I ended up with a nice contrasting combination of peachy/pink cheeks and rosy lips.  It emphasises  paler complexions in a very good way and overall, I was delighted with how fresh faced I looked.  I received some lovely compliments throughout the day too so it obviously does something right!


Another plus is that a little goes a hell of a long way with Fine-One-One. I only needed the teeniest amount for my cheeks and lips to be suitably covered, and you can build it up depending on, well, just how happy and flushed you want to look! The push up mechanism means you’ll only use exactly what you need, so this product will last you months (heckI reckon a year due to the small amounts needed per go).

Used as a blusher, this didn’t make my cheeks look oily as some of those darn cream blushers can do because it has more of a matte finish, which I really liked. Oh, and it stayed put for the entire day. That’s right, it didn’t budge (even though I got lashed on at one point).  Similarly, I only had to retouch my lips once. In short, this is a really solid multi-purpose beauty product that’s perfect for pale skin and will make you look peachy keen to boot.


I also wrote a variation of this review for the gals not so long ago too, check it out here.

So what do you think? Would you give this a whirl? Tell all in the comments below!

Fine-One-One (€34) available now at Benefit counters nationwide


  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    This product looks AMAZING. I love benefit cosmetics.

    – KW

  2. Me too, Benefit always have something exciting up their sleeves! I adore their products.

  3. I know you’ll have a little giggle when I ask but….. How did you put it on? Just swipe it on or with brushes?

  4. Not at all! I used my fingers to blend it onto my cheeks (you can swipe the colour on too, but I found that put too much of the stuff on together, so using your fingers is easiest as you don’t need a whole lot to get the desired look), and a small lip brush to get it on my lips initially. If I’m out and I need a top up though, I just swipe it over my lips.