Video: Lana Del Rey – Burning Desire


The sultry songstress Lana Del Rey who found fame with her smash hit ‘Video Games,’ has just premiered her brand new music video for track Burning Desire; the iTunes bonus track from the Paradise Edition of her debut album Born To Die.  It took me a while to warm to Lana, but the one thing I always love about her (aside from the fabulous voice), is that she releases amazing music videos (Ride and National Anthem are two of the most beautiful music videos I’ve seen in ages), and though I think she looks incredible and the overall style of it works very well with the track, I’m not really feeling this one as much.

I came across this very interesting piece about the subliminal messaging used throughout the video, which I must say was cleverly done (we’re supposed to develop the ‘burning desire’ for a Jaguar she seems to have throughout the video, it comes after Del Rey signed a mega deal to be the face of the car manufacturer last year), but I think this takes something away from the track. She could’ve done a lot more with this and it is quite a let down from her usually unique videos. I still love the song though and am eagerly awaiting some new material from her.

Interestingly, the Jaguar company is also getting Ridley Scott to make a film with Homeland actor Damian Lewis, called Desire, with the single featuring as the title track. The film will premiere free online in the coming months.

What do you think of Lana and the video? Tell all in the comments!