Urban Decay: Glinda’s Wizard of Oz Palette Review: Grab This One Quick!!


I’ll be the first to admit to anyone that I’m obsessed with Urban Decay palettes. They’ve really raised the bar with their multitude of palette choices and once again, they’ve really come into their own. I’m a sucker for anything fairytale-like, so when I clapped eyes on this palette, I practically shoved innocent bystanders on the floor to get to it! To tie in with the release of Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful, they’ve launched two to-die-for limited edition collectable palettes, inspired by the witches Glinda and Theodra in the film.

I decided to go with The Glinda Palette (€40), simply because I felt Theodora was too heavy on the brown eyeshadows and I have a Naked palette full of plenty of these already.  I was also sold on Glinda’s palette because it’s a bit more unique in terms of the colour range. You can either create the standard soft look, or you can up the anti and create a really different darker version of a ‘good witch gone kinda bad’ sort of look, using the darker shadows and plum eyeliner.


Her palette contains pretty pinks, purples, and ethereal sparkly gold and silver eyeshadows, and will see all those who dislike wearing the darker, brown shades jump for joy as the colours are soft, pretty and perfect for a natural day look. Woo hoo! (You can also put your own eye shadows in the case when these run out). To complete the fairy-taleness of it all, there’s mini a 24/7 plum Rockstar eyeliner (which looks uh-mazing on) and a Super Saturated High-Gloss pink lip colour that really stays put. You also get a ‘get the look’ collectible card so you can try Glinda’s look for yourself.


There are six colours: Tornado, Aura, Magic, Illusion, Oz and South and as you can see from the pics, the range of shades are really diverse, with a mix of matte and satin shadows. I’m in love with the purpleTornado shade and the Aura colour is fabulous as a base. I played around with all the colours and though I wasn’t too sure if I’d get much use out of the bright pink Magic colour on my eyes as I’m so fair, I put a small amount on my cheekbones (a deadly tip from the sales assistant), and was delighted with the flushed finish ended up with. Multipurpose or wha? The gloss is described as a nude pink, but isn’t quite that light, it goes on darker but will still give your lips a glossy, natural pinky-toned colour.


In short: It is my new favourite palette. The packaging is gorgeous and it’s just fab in general. It is sure to fly off the shelves as its Limited Edition, so if this floats your palette loving boat, leg it to your nearest Urban Decay counter ASAP to get yours.

Would you be tempted to go for a Glinda look? Tell all in the comments below!


  1. Fabulous palette. I’m also a fan of the urban decay palettes. They are always so smart with their packaging!

    • Their packaging is fabulous! I thought the whole palette is amazing, but then again I’m a sucker for Urban Decay palettes! Thanks so much for commenting, hope you’re enjoying the blog. 🙂

  2. I LOVE this palette- picked it up about 2 weeks ago maybe? I use it a lot with my nyx jumbo pencil in periwinkle. The duos are my fave, but i wish the iridescent purple would be full sized (of course!).

    • I was the same; it was love at first site as soon as I saw it! It really is a gorgeous palette, you can always rely on Urban Decay for gems like this. I know, I’d LOVE a full version of that colour! That’s the downside to limited editions or colours that are exclusive to palettes; how to get the colours again once the originals run out!

      There’s a similar colour in another UD palette that I have (which I’ll be reviewing in the coming days), that you’ll really like I think, and you can buy the colour as a stand alone eyeshadow which is a real plus. 🙂