Sixties Style: Blake Lively & Drew Barrymore in Glamour Magazine & Harper’s BAZAAR


As I mentioned yesterday in my post on Sharon Tate, I came across these two gorgeous editorial spreads featuring Blake Lively and Drew Barrymore that are obvious homage’s to Sharon and the Sixties. I thought they were so darn gorgeous that I just had to post them. Blake’s look was featured in Glamour Magazine in July 2011, and Drew’s look was featured in Harper’s BAZAAR in 2010. I think they are stunning and Blake looks incredible in that hat. I want it! The sixties are one of my favourite eras in terms of fashion, style and beauty, so I’ll happily post shoots like this any chance I get!

Blake Lively in Glamour Magazine

She looks like a true sixties pin up doll and you can definitely see some resemblance to Sharon in the pictures. All comparisons aside, she still looks absolutely stunning, I love the entire shoot. The soft lighting and pastel colours of the outfits are just beautiful; Blake looks effortlessly glamourous here.


Drew Barrymore In Harper’s BAZAAR

Drew admits in the Harper’s interview that the Swinging Sixties are her favorite fashion era. Her shoot was inspired by ’60s It girls Sharon Tate and Veruschka, and the concept was Drew’s idea. I think Drew looks the most beautiful I’ve her seen her here; she wears the sixties look so well! And ever-so-slightly off topic, how amazing is her hair?!


You can definitely see some ‘Valley of the Dolls‘ inspiration in the below pictures as well, she looks like a sixties goddess. I would kill for those Couture outfits. There’s really something to love in each of her outfits, though the beaded detail in the dress below makes it my favourite. Hell, I just love them all!


Are you a Sixties style fan? Do you like Blake and Drew’s looks? Spill all in the comments section!