New Video: Paramore – Now


This band were the definition of teenage angst for me a few years ago, but I’ve always been a fan of Paramore and their music, primarily because the combined song writing efforts from the group combined with the vocal talents of front women Hayley Williams mean that they are a very solid group (who are terrific on stage; it’s where they shine) if you’re into the Pop/Rock genre.

There was quite a lot of controversy last year when band members the Farro brothers suddenly left the group and released a subsequent nice-so-nice statement trashing their former band members. Ouch!

Anyway, the three remaining members have been keeping a fairly low profile and have now come out of the musical woodwork with a new single titled Now and the release of their new self-titled album out April 4th this year. Yay!

Check out the music video below:

There’s a definite maturity in terms of both the song lyrics and musical structure of the track, and while it is still Paramore and reminiscent of their previous work, their sound has definitely evolved. It took me a while to really like the song, but now I’m eagerly awaiting the album release.

A very different beauty look on Williams

A very different beauty look on Williams

I’m really feeling the video and loving the whole look Williams has going on throughout. She explained here that: “The idea of the song is reaching forward, moving forward towards something more positive, and I feel like we did come from a tumultuous time as a band, and we’re really trying to move forward.”  That whole concept is definitely clear in the video and ties in really well with the song.

Are you liking the trio and their new sound? What do you think of the video and William’s look?