Dita Von Teese ArtDeco Makeup Collection Review Part 2 – Compact Powder, Ultra Volume Mascara, Shimmer Blusher


After the success of last weeks post on my review of the Loose Powder, Eyebrow Gel and Blusher from the Dita Von Teese Makeup Collection, I loved the products so much that I decided to purchase more from the range. I’m really loving the products; they are perfect for those with pale complexions, they actually do what they say on the tin, and they look gorgeous to boot — every time I take a product from my handbag I get asked about the range — so  I couldn’t wait to try out the Ultra Volumising Mascara, Compact Powder and a Shimmer Blush that I just couldn’t resist.

Before I get started, I just have to mention that the incredible Dita Von Teese herself give my first review of the range a mention on her Twitter page on Saturday last!  Squee, I was so thrilled and excited that she would mention my tiny website as she has been idol of mine for years. I’d just like to thank Dita and everyone else who took the time to read the post as I got an amazing 1,000 views in a single day (!!!) which was amazing, so thank you so much everyone! 🙂

Compact Powder


I adored the loose powder, but found that it wasn’t ideal for quick touch ups on the go, as I didn’t want to throw it in my handbag in case too much powder came out. So, as I tend to re-powder my nose quite frequently during the day, I thought the Compact Powder would be ideal for this. This light, almost translucent, delicately pressed powder blends effortlessly in to the skin and gives a matt finish to your makeup. I found it was brilliant for setting my foundation and after I applied it in the morning, I only had to retouch my nose once during the day. It didn’t dry out my skin at all and make my skin look flawless. This one is never leaving my handbag and I feel ultra glamourous when using it. It is truly a gem of a product and is suitable for all skin types.

Ultra Volume Mascara  


As I have really long lashes, I’m always looking for a volume mascara to really plump them up. This Ultra Volume Mascara is the best one I’ve used in a long time in terms of really adding volume to them. I put two coats of in on in Onyx (No.1) and was asked if I was wearing false eyelashes! It doesn’t get any better then that in my opinion. I also love that this has a really large brush (there’s nothing worse then buying a volume mascara only to realise the brush is tiny; it’s a real beauty peeve of mine). The mascara contains Rice Bran Wax, which nourishes and regenerates the lashes and the lashes don’t dry out or clump. It is fragrance-free and also suitable for sensitive eyes.

Shimmer Blusher


As I was telling you the last time, I’m ever-so-slightly obsessed with blusher so I knew I would be buying another from the range as I was so impressed with the first one (no. 20). I went straight for no. 22 in ‘Paramour’ as this shade is slightly darker and has a gorgeous shimmer throughout it (I’m a sucker for any beauty product that sparkles!). Again, the blush is heavily pigmented so you don’t need to use a lot to get a subtle rosy, fresh faced glow. I’m in love with this one!

I can’t speak highly enough of the range, which is my new favourite. Have you tried any of the above products? What do you think of Dita’s collection? Tell all in the comments section!


  1. Oooh they all look so pretty! Im deffo going to try these products, but where can you buy them? Are tehy all just online? Brilliant post xx

  2. Ah, thanks a million, so glad you’re enjoying! I bought the products in Debenhams in Blancherstown here in Dublin (they have a special Dita stand there), but alternatively you can order some of the products on Amazon UK or Ebay.ie/.com and they stock the products in a few different Debenhams around the UK too. I highly recommend going in to take a look at all the stuff yourself if you can though. 🙂 x