Dita Von Teese ArtDeco Makeup Collection – Loose Powder, Eyebrow Gel, Blusher: Review

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If there’s one thing to know about Dita Von Teese, it’s that the woman knows makeup. Her look has become synonymous with her name, and as well as venturing into fashion late last year (see my thoughts on her collection here), she also found the time to create her own makeup range, with German beauty brand ArtDeco. This was launched mid last year and the reason I’m so late to the party, for want of a better phrase, is because I’ve only realised that it is in fact available to buy here in Dublin. One of the reasons I adore the glamourous Ms. Von Teese is because she’s one of the few celebrities that is as equally pale as I am, so her range will especially suit those with the paler complexions. Woo hoo!

Final3 Dita

I stumbled across the range yesterday and squealed with delight when I spotted it. I had to resist the very strong urge I had to buy everything and just picked three items: the Finishing Loose Powder, Eyebrow Gel and Blusher from her ‘Fall Favourites’ collection that I really liked the look of (I resisted the foundation because it wasn’t quite fair enough for me, so if you’re looking for a foundation, see here for one of my all time favourites).

Fixing Loose Powder

Having combination to oily skin means I always have to use a powder to set the foundation to make sure it stays put for the day, so I opted for the Fixing Finishing Powder because it’s completely translucent and I didn’t want to add the pressed powder over my foundation for fear I’d get flaky, dry skin.

Dita Powder Final

I was very happy with this overall. It took the shine away from my oily t-zone and I only needed to use a tiny amount to get the desired effect. Because the powder was loose, it didn’t dry out my skin and it had a very light texture. It literally disappeared over my foundation thanks to the translucent colour, which I loved. The packaging is also fabulous; I love the design. The powder is for all skin types and does make your foundation stay on longer, but I had to top it up once so if your skin goes extra oily, I recommend you use the pressed powder instead. I liked the puff that came with it, but I always prefer to buff my powder on with a brush. This is a personal preference though, the puff works equally well.

Eyebrow Gel

I had never used an eyebrow get before, but given that my eyebrow hairs are quite long, I was told a gel would help them stay put and create a more natural look than a pencil. I always want my brows to look very defined so I’ll always fill them in, and with the gel you definitely get a more precise look. This is my new ‘must have’ beauty product, I just love it. The gel leaves a natural finish on the eyebrows, and the tapered brush is ideal for defining the brows and helps to keep them perfectly shaped for hours on end.

Eyebrow Gel

It comes in three shades: ‘Midnight’ (no. 1) which is transparent, ‘Mink’ (no. 2) which is brown, and ‘Crystal’ (no. 5) which is black. I usually go for as dark a colour as I can get for my brows, but even on me the black was far too dark, so I went for the brown-toned shade number 2, which was a perfect match. This is a product I’ll definitely keep going back to. If you’re into brow grooming, then this is the product for you.


I am a blusher obsessive. In particular, I love rosy, pinky blushes because I feel they show up on my ghostly complexion really well (and honestly, if I didn’t wear a blush, I’d look like I was seriously ill). Dita has brought out some truly gorgeous shades of pink and I had a hard time picking out just one, but I eventually I chose shade 20 ‘Ivresse,’ which is truly gorgeous on.


It is very pigmented, so you only need a dash of it on the apples of your cheeks to get a flushed, rosy glow – a little goes a long way with this one. It has a rich, almost creamy consistency (though it goes on as a powder), and thankfully, doesn’t have a chalky texture as some powder blushes can. The packaging is minimal on this one and it is on the small side so you can pop it into your Dita palette box if you happen to have one. If not, it’s small enough to fit into your mini beauty bag when you’re on the go.

In short, I’m totally in love with the collection as a whole and can’t wait to buy more of the stuff!

Have you used any of the collection? Would you give any of these products a go? Tell all in the comments section!


  1. I bought one of the lipsticks last year and I absolutely love it, it lasts for hours, even when eating and doesn’t dry out my lips at all! I really like the sound of the eyebrow gel, will have to go in and check it out this week!

  2. The eyebrow gel is fantastic, I’d never go back to a pencil after using it – you’ll love it! I’m raging that I didn’t buy a lipstick yesterday, I’ll be going back pronto to stock up on more products! The eyeliner and mascara looked great as well and some of the eye shadowes were gorgeous. I want it all!

  3. Where can you buy the range? And the Fixing Loose Powder, you think it will go over any foundation, for example my MAC Foundation? Really need to invest in a powder, don’t know how I’ve gone so long without one!!

  4. You can buy the range in Debenhams in Blancherstown. 🙂 And yep, the loose powder is completely transparent, so it will go over any foundation! That’s the reason I chose it in particular, it’s deadly! 🙂